Queenstown Getaway

Nature is breathtaking, especially when you’re in Queenstown New Zealand. Queenstown is a tourist destination for skiing, hiking, mountain bike riding, jet boat on Lake Wakatipu, skateboarding, tramping, paragliding, skydiving, restaurants, shops and bars. It’s a small town jammed pack with lots of activities if you’re the adventures type or in need of a relaxing holiday, Queenstown is your holiday destination.

What was wonderful was hiking up the mountain and once I reached the top after an hour I felt so grounded the environment surely did balance my body. It’s such a beautiful scenery to connect with and the view’s were unbelievably beautiful and everything is in harmony when you are in the presence of such wonder.

Once you reach the top the scenic view of Queenstown is spectacular and breathtaking. People were also skydiving, to boggling and mountain bike riding. You can also grab something to eat in the cafeteria and unwind, for my decent I didn’t feel like hiking down the hill so I caught the gondola it only took 5mins.

I do recommend visiting Queenstown if you are looking for that special place to get away and recharge your batteries !!

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