Italian pasta sauce

Being an ex-chef and Italian this sauce base tastes amazing which is very hard to come by, th-1normally they are sweet and not the right balance of acidity. To my surprise, I found this Sugo Di Pomodoro al Basilico which means Sauce of Tomato and Basil. Never have I tasted a commercial product this good just like home made. Fresh Roma and cherry tomatoes fit for any meal professional or even as a dip.

Don Antonio is passionate about sharing the ‘taste of Abruzzo’ with food lovers. They use homegrown fresh ingredients and a family recipes to produce a range that is now appreciated in countries all over the world for its quality, authenticity and excellent taste.

I found this product in Woolworths supermarket, add it to your product list for a day your feeling tired and want to make an easy meal in 10mins Add pasta, cheese, and sauce. Enjoy

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